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A small, hard-working educational services company based in Long Beach, CA. Established in 2008, we hit the ground running with our innovative summer camps and workshops. Soon curriculum design, consulting, and now Minecraft servers and book authoring have added to our growing list of products and services.
Christopher Miko
Founder and CEO

Chris Miko is a nationally acclaimed and award winning k-12 educator, who specializes in STEM (science technology, engineering, math) and GATE (gifted and talented education) education. He created the Advanced Learning Project as a way to develop innovative curriculum that went beyond the content standards, introducing key concepts of science, engineering and technology to all that he teaches. His innovative workshops and camps have been the hallmark of ALP’s offerings, along with educational consulting, and curriculum design and development. Chris is pleased to be unveiling the culmination of his dream project and the melding of two of his great passions, education and video games, with the EduCrafting Minecraft project.

Awards and recognitions include: AIAA Educator Achievement Award, UC Irvine Alumni Achievement Award, NASA Endeavor Fellow, NASA Space Camp for Educators, NASA Advanced Space Camp for Educators, Da Vinci Innovation Academy Founding Teacher, Craft-Academy co-creator.

Lindsey Horvath
Speech & Language Pathologist
Garrett Romines
Project Lead

Garrett Romines is a Renaissance Man for the 21st century. As a professional writer, teacher, and digital artist, there is nothing that Garrett touches that does not reflect excellence. As an author, Garrett has written: The Unofficial Holy Bible for Minecrafters: Stories from the Old and New Testament, Knights of the Golden Moons, Knights of the Golden Moon: A Dark Tide, and Knights of the Golden Moons, Crimson Dawn. Subjects of writing topics include religion, fantasy, politics and science fiction. As a middle school teacher, Garrett passes on his experiences in writing novels to his students through his classes in English and Social Studies. Garrett is the founder of Romines Digital Arts Company, which specializes in graphic novels and digital media works.


Garrett’s current projects are focused around writing graphic novels set in the digital world. A series of novels set in the video game of Minecraft will be coming soon. Future books: The Hart of Darkness, The Cause of Man, and The Day They Day.

Garrett Romines can be reached at

Lindsey Horvath is a speech and language pathologist for Orange Unified School District, and teaches future speech paths at Chapman University. In addition, Lindsey offers private practice speech services via teletherapy.

“We're a small and growing educational services company, on the leading-edge of educational technology. We look forward to building your next project, or training your staff. Let's create something amazing, together!" 

Christopher Miko, CEO Advanced Learning Project

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